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Monmouth Conservation Foundation announces largest gifts in its history

Monmouth Conservation Foundation (MCF), a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting and preserving the county’s natural resources, has announced a pair of transformational donations, including the largest single gift in its 44-year history.

In a press release issued on Oct. 27, MCF said the financial contributions are reflective of remarkable momentum and community support for its mission to create parks, save open space and farmland, safeguard wildlife and waterways, and provide educational programs to nurture the next generation of environmentalists.

One donation, a gift of $2 million, is being made anonymously, with a philanthropist providing the funds to support the creation of a park for an underserved community in Monmouth County, according to the press release.

The second commitment comes from MCF Executive Committee member Gloria Nilson and her husband, Len. The planned gift, a bequest intention, will allow for the creation of the Nilson Society, a planned giving program for MCF donors who provide for the organization in their estate plans, according to the press release.

MCF Executive Director William D. Kastning was quoted in the press release saying, “On behalf of all of us at MCF, and people from all walks of life who will benefit from these remarkable gifts, I want to thank both the Nilsons and our donor who wishes to remain anonymous.

“In recent months we have heard from many people who tell us the pandemic has only heightened their appreciation for the beautiful natural spaces we protect, and that these places MCF has helped make possible have strengthened their bodies, minds and spirits.

“It is vital that all communities have nearby access to parks, open land, clean air and fresh water. These gifts will help ensure that is a reality for generations to come, and we look forward to sharing details of how we will put the funds into action to realize our vital shared goals. We are also confident these wonderful donations will inspire others to support our work,” Kastning said.

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