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Planning Board approves 3-lot subdivision for Irwin Place


The Lawrence Township Planning Board approved an application for a minor subdivision on Irwin Place, clearing the way for three new homes to be built on the newly-created lots, at its Oct. 18 meeting.

Engineer Daniel Doran, who represents developer JP Property Development, told the Planning Board that the two existing lots on the south side of Irwin Place – both of which are vacant – total one half-acre. They will be consolidated and subdivided into three lots.

The developer will install sidewalks across the frontage of the three lots and three concrete driveway aprons, Doran said. Three of the six trees on the lot will be cut down to make room for the new houses, but replacement trees will be planted, he said.

Enrico Toto, who lives next door to the property, said he was concerned about flooding that may result from the new development. Houses on Irwin Place that did not flood during Superstorm Sandy did experience flooding after the most recent storms, he said.

“(Some of) the neighbors are bailing out because they can’t deal with it. I have lived there for 30 years, and it’s getting worse and worse,” Toto said.

There is a sump pump collector system in place on Irwin Place, and sump pumps for the new houses will be connected to the sump pump collection point, Doran said.

Attorney Ryan Kennedy, who represents JP Property Development, said the new houses will not add much more impervious coverage to the lots. There was a garage on the property that was recently demolished, as well as a stone driveway and concrete walkways.

Developer Joseph Pintinalli, a principal in JP Property Development, told the Planning Board that the houses will be about 1,700 square feet. He said he is reviewing designs for the new homes, and has not settled on a house plan.

Pintinalli said the two-story houses will each have four bedrooms, two-and-a-half bathrooms, and a one-car garage – but the price of the houses has not yet been set.


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