North Brunswick, South Brunswick election results

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Nine candidates ran for the South Brunswick Board of Education. Three seats hold three-year terms.

As of press time, the standings are:

Barry Nathanson, 3,755 votes, 15.50%

Lisa M. Rodgers, 3,447 votes, 14.23%

Deepa Karthik, 2,948 votes, 12.17%

Imran Bukhari, 2,641 votes, 10.90%

Erin Popolo, 2,582 votes, 10.66%

Julie M. Ferrara, 2,477 votes, 10.22%

Jayesh Patel, 2,305 votes, 9.51%

Stephen F. Parker, 2,020 votes, 8.34%

James Lavan, 2,002 votes, 8.26%

There were 48 write-in votes.

South Brunswick did not hold municipal elections this year.

North Brunswick Township Council incumbent Democrats Carlo Socio and Dr. Will Lopez ran for re-election during the Nov. 2 General Election. Socio received 5,346 votes, and Lopez received 5,317 votes.

There were 85 write-in votes.

The terms are each for three years.

For a two-year unexpired term on the North Brunswick Township Council, Democrat Rajesh Mehta received 5,330 votes. There were 40 write-in votes.

The North Brunswick Board of Education race was uncontested.

Three, three-year terms went to Steven Wen (3,409 votes), Paragi Patel (3,247 votes) and David Brocman (2,835). There were 93 write-in votes.

There were no petitions filed for the one-year unexpired term filed on the school board. There were 89 write-in votes.

Tallies will continue to be updated as mail-in ballots are counted.

Election results are not official until certified by Middlesex County.