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Democratic incumbents lead Republicans for ward seats on Woodbridge Council

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There were elections for the five, four-year ward seats on the municipal governing body for Woodbridge Township on Nov. 2.

The race is contested.

Ward 1 – The candidates are Democratic incumbent Nancy Bader-Drumm and Republican candidate John Vrtaric.

As of Nov. 3, Bader-Drumm, with 2,394 votes, or 55.20%, leads Vrtaric, with 1,935 votes, or 44.62%. There are eight write-in votes.

Ward 2 – The candidates are Democratic incumbent Harold “Howie” R. Bauer Jr. and Republican candidate Paul Lund Jr.

As of Nov. 3, Bauer, with 2,176 votes, or 59.57%, leads Lund Jr., with 1,473 votes, or 40.32%. There are four write-in votes.

Ward 3: The candidates are Democratic incumbent Cory S. Spillar and Republican candidate John Masculin.

As of Nov. 3, Spillar, with 2,254 votes, or 62.42%, leads Masculin, with 1,349 votes, or 37.36%. There are eight write-in votes.

Ward 4 – Democratic incumbent Virbhadra “Viru” Patel did not face any challengers. He received 2,561 votes. There were 48 write-in votes.

Ward 5 – The candidates are Democratic incumbent Debbie Meehan and Republican candidate Rocco Genova.

As of Nov. 3, Meehan, with 3,213 votes, or 58.99%, leads Genova, with 2,231 votes, or 40.96%.

The results reflect what has been posted online by the Middlesex County Clerk’s Office at this time. The results are not final and it is not known when the results will be final.

The results of the election will remain unofficial until they are certified.

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