Preliminary election results: Monroe Township Council

There were elections for seats on the municipal governing body for Monroe on Nov. 2.

The seats available include three, four-year term ward seats and a two-year unexpired term for council-at-large available on the Monroe Township Council.

The race is contested.

Unexpired term – The candidates are Democratic candidate Terrence G. Van Dzura, who was appointed on Feb. 1 to fill the council-at-large seat vacated by Stephen Dalina, and Republican candidate Peter Tufano, a newcomer.

As of results posted on Nov. 3, Van Dzura, with 9,576 votes, leads Tufano, with 9,083 votes. There are seven write-in votes.

Ward 1 – The candidates are Democratic incumbent Elizabeth “Betty” Schneider and Republican candidate Melody Amantea-Henry, a newcomer.

As of Nov. 3, Schneider, with 3,986 votes, leads Amantea-Henry, with 2,773 votes. There are three write-in votes.

Ward 2 – The candidates are Democratic candidate Rupa P. Siegel and Republican candidate Timothy Eosso, both newcomers.

As of Nov. 3, Siegel, with 3,527 votes, leads Eosso with 3,141 votes. There are five write-in votes.

Ward 3 – The candidates are Republican incumbent Charles Dipierro and Democratic candidate Alton B. Kinsey II, a newcomer.

As of Nov. 3, Dipierro, with 2,967 votes, leads Kinsey II, with 2,318 votes. There are three write-in votes.

The results listed here reflect what has been posted online by the Middlesex County Clerk’s Office at this time. The results are not final and it is not known when the results will be final.

The results of the election will remain unofficial until they are certified.

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