Updated election results: South Brunswick incumbent could be ousted from school board

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Nine candidates ran for the South Brunswick Board of Education. Three seats hold three-year terms.

As of press time on Nov. 5, the most recent results reported by the Middlesex County Board of Elections were:

Barry Nathanson, 3,905 votes

Lisa M. Rodgers, 3,624 votes

Deepa Karthik, 3,103 votes

Imran Bukhari, 2,765 votes

Erin Popolo, 2,698 votes

Julie M. Ferrara, 2,576 votes

Jayesh Patel, 2,405 votes

Stephen F. Parker, 2,130 votes

James Lavan, 2,082 votes

There were 51 write-in votes.

If the counts stand, incumbent Parker will be replaced on the board by newcomer Karthik.

Nathanson and Rodgers are incumbents.

South Brunswick did not hold municipal elections this year.

North Brunswick Township Council incumbent Democrats Carlo Socio and Dr. Will Lopez ran for re-election during the Nov. 2 General Election.

Socio received 5,684 votes, and Lopez received 5,654 votes in the uncontested election.

There were 91 write-in votes.

The terms are each for three years.

For a two-year unexpired term on the North Brunswick Township Council, Democrat incumbent Rajesh Mehta received 5,664 votes.

There were 43 write-in votes.

This position was also uncontested.

The North Brunswick Board of Education race was uncontested.

Three, three-year terms went to Steven Wen (3,670 votes), Paragi Patel (3,482 votes) and David Brockman (3,039).

There were 99 write-in votes.

Brockman is an incumbent.

Gloria Gonzalez and Tony Brooks decided not to file for re-election.

There were no petitions filed for the one-year unexpired term filed on the school board. There were 95 write-in votes, as of press time.

In other election related news, South Brunswick resident Andrew Zwicker claimed victory, becoming the first Democrat to represent the 16th District in the Senate.

He previously served as the first Democrat in the General Assembly from the 16th District.

“This was a difficult election year, but I could not be more proud of the campaign that my running mates, Assemblyman Roy Freiman and Mayor Sadaf Jaffer, and I have run. Our campaign focused on the issues affecting the people of the 16th Legislative District and our dedication to serving our neighbors and communities,” Zwicker said in a prepared statement. “I extend my deepest appreciation to all of the volunteers, supporters and staff who worked tirelessly across every corner of the district. I am honored that the voters have chosen me to serve them as our first Democratic Senator.”

As of press time on Nov. 5, Zwicker received 7,388 votes compared to 4,035 votes received by Republican challenger Michael Pappas.

There were 12 write-in votes in that race.

The State Senate term is for two years.

For the five-year term of Middlesex County surrogate, Democrat Claribel Cortes received 103.193 votes as of press time on Nov. 5, compared to 76,120 votes received by challenger Chhavi Dharayan, a Republican.

Cortes is a North Brunswick resident who previously served as a North Brunswick Township Council member and North Brunswick Board of Education member.

There were 150 write-in votes counted for that race.

Fellow North Brunswick resident Shanti Narra, who is a former North Brunswick Township Councilwoman, was reelected to the Middlesex County Board of County Commissioners for a three-year term. She received 98,927 votes as of press time on Nov. 5. Fellow Democrat Ronald G. Rios, who is the current director of the board, received 101,580 votes as of press time.

Republican challengers Patricia Badovinac and Gerald T. Shine received 78,289 and 78,402 votes, respectively.

There were 254 write-in votes recorded for that race.

Tallies will continue to be updated as mail-in ballots are counted.

Election results are not official until certified by Middlesex County.

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