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Hamilton Township man charged with drunk driving, nearly causes crash in West Windsor

A Hamilton Township man who nearly caused a head-on collision on Old Trenton Road has been charged with driving while intoxicated, according to the West Windsor Police Department.

The man was driving his Ford Expedition sport utility vehicle on the wrong side of the road, traveling south in the northbound lane in the in the Sept. 17 incident, police said. The driver of a Hyundai sport utility vehicle, which was traveling north in the northbound lane, swerved to avoid a crash.

The Ford Expedition struck the passenger side of the Hyundai, and then drove off, police said. The front license plate of the Ford Expedition was knocked off and was found in the debris left behind at the scene of the crash.

A police officer followed a trail of leaking automotive fluids to the Mercer County Park, where he found the driver and the disabled Ford Expedition in a parking lot, according to reports.

The driver was determined to be driving while intoxicated and charged with the offense. He was taken to the West Windsor police headquarters, processed and released, pending a future court date in West Windsor Municipal Court.

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