Republican candidates claim three seats on Marlboro Township Council


MARLBORO – Three Republican candidates appear to have won four-year terms on the Marlboro Township Council in the 2021 general election.

Unofficial results posted online by the Monmouth County Clerk’s Office show Republicans Antoinette DiNuzzo with 7,239 votes, Michael Milman with 7,290 votes and Juned Qazi with 7,049 votes as of Nov. 8.

The results show incumbent Democrats Jeff Cantor with 6,970 votes, Scott Metzger with 6,858 votes and Carol Mazzola with 6,822 votes.

The election was conducted with vote by mail ballots; with early in-person voting on nine days in October; and with in-person voting on Nov. 2.

The election results will remain unofficial until they have been certified by the county.

If the results hold, the current terms of Cantor, Mazzola and Metzger will end on Dec. 31. Cantor has served on the council since 2004. Mazzola and Metzger have served on the council since 2009.

In a statement issued prior to the election, the Republicans said, “The three candidates running on the Republican ticket for Township Council are a retired educator, a media specialist and a civil engineer.

“Antoinette DiNuzzo, Michael Milman and Juned Qazi provide a very diverse set of skills to approach the job. While all of them are currently elected (county) committee people, they will readily tell you they are not politicians in the traditional sense of the word.

“Their interest in running in this election is to drive the conversation to improve Marlboro for their children and grandchildren. Once elected, their focus will be on council oversight of every aspect of the Marlboro government. Topics in the forefront include overdevelopment and township services, especially current policies and procedures,” the Republicans said.

In a Nov. 4 Facebook post, Cantor wrote, “Although the election did not go our way last night, I just wanted to say thank you to the people of Marlboro for allowing me to serve you over the last 17 years.

“It has been an honor and a privilege to serve. I wish the council people-elect a smooth transition and will do everything to ensure you are set up for success.

“People serve at the pleasure of the people and my time in office will be coming to an end. It really has been an honor to serve the people of Marlboro,” Cantor said.

The outcome of the election will give Republicans a 3-2 majority on the Township Council beginning in January. DiNuzzo, Milman and Qazi will join Democrats Randi Marder and Michael Scalea on the governing body. The next municipal election in Marlboro will be in 2023.

In a post on Facebook, Democratic Mayor Jonathan Hornik said he reached out to Dinuzzo, Milman and Gazi “to wish them congratulations on their election to the Township Council. We look forward to working with them when they take office in 2022 for all the residents of Marlboro. Elections can bring out the worst in some people, it’s time for our community to come together and move forward.”