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Resident critical of Smith’s vote on two bills

I read a recent opinion piece by Congressman Chris Smith (R-NJ) detailing his strong position against anti-Semitism and his efforts to fight it in the United States and especially internationally.

He is rightfully alarmed at the increasing threat to Jewish human rights around the world.  His concern and efforts are very much appreciated.

But what about concerns and efforts for the rights of those of us suffering from family violence right here at home?

Congressman Smith recently voted against the Family Violence and Services Improvement Act of 2021 which would expand the services and reach of the Family Violence Prevention and Services Act already on the books and in effect.

He also voted against the Violence Against Women Act.

As a constituent who would have benefited from services the acts provide for, I find it hard to recognize efforts on behalf of my fellow Jews when Chris Smith ignores the need to address equally destructive violence in our own back  yard.

Nancy Byron
Tinton Falls

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