Purandare leads for seat on Hopewell Township Committee

Photo courtesy of Uma Purandare

With one seat open this fall on the Hopewell Township Committee, Democrat Uma Purandare is set to become the newest member of the governing body.

According to results posted online from the Mercer County Clerk’s Office, as of press time on Nov. 9, Purandare had received 4,008 votes and Republican Ed Jackowski received 2,784 votes.

The results are unofficial until they are certified by the Mercer County.

Purandare squared off against Jackowski in the General Election for the three-year term after current Mayor Julie Blake, who won the Democratic primary in June, withdrew her name from the ballot on Sept. 7.

Due to Blake’s withdrawal, the Hopewell Township Democratic Committee unanimously chose Purandare to replace her on the ballot in September.

The Nov. 2 election was held with vote-by-mail ballots, early in-person voting in late October, and in-person voting on Nov. 2. According to the Mercer County Clerk’s Office, they are still processing vote-by-mail ballots in the county.

The election of Purandare to the Township Committee would maintain a Democratic majority on the body.

“When we moved here more than 20 years ago, I felt that my family and I were embraced as neighbors in a vibrant community. Working with others on common projects built my faith in what we can accomplish together,” she said. “I could not be more proud that the voters of Hopewell Township have shown confidence in me to serve at a higher level working on issues that touch every person and every corner of our town.”

For areas she would want to focus on once sworn-in, Purandare highlighted COVID-19.

“As I said during the campaign, I am afraid we will have to keep our eye on COVID-19 and its effects on our residents, particularly the most vulnerable, for some time to come,” she said. “My scientific training and community service provide a strong foundation for working on those issues.”

We are also facing a time of change in Hopewell Township, Purandare added.

“Both the new businesses like BeiGene and residential development will bring change, and I would like to ensure that the projects that are proposed meet our standards and that we carefully review their costs and benefits,” she said.