Will ‘SEAL Team’ get a full season?


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Question: Will SEAL Team be a full season on Paramount+ or the more usual dozen-ish episodes more? I will pick up Paramount+ for a month so I can binge it, and also Evil. —David

Matt Roush: Your instincts are correct that the military drama will produce fewer episodes — 14 total, I’m told — than the broadcast network norm since the show moved from CBS to the streamer after the fourth episode. Your strategy of signing up for a short time, to watch the shows you know you want to see, is no doubt going to become even more commonplace as consumers navigate this increasingly cluttered (and costly) universe.

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Question: In a recent issue of TV Guide Magazine, there was a picture of the cast of the new Waltons movie, coming to The CW. Did anyone notice that Ben is missing? —Aflem

Matt Roush: It seems there’s one fewer Walton in this rebooted holiday movie: The Waltons’ Homecoming, airing Nov. 28 (marking 50 years from when the first Homecoming movie aired, which led to the series). From what I’ve seen, there are six, not seven, children in this version, with John-Boy still the eldest, followed by Jason, Mary Ellen, Erin, Jim-Bob, and Elizabeth. The upside is there’s one less mouth for the Depression-era family to feed.

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