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Millstone Planning Board approves proposal for warehouse

MILLSTONE – The construction of a 22,075-square-foot warehouse building on Rike Drive has been approved by the Millstone Township Planning Board.

On Nov. 10, board members approved an application from VJS Holdings, LLC, to construct the building on a 3.2-acre lot on Rike Drive, which is a street that runs off Prodelin Way.

The building will include 19,075 square feet of warehouse space and 3,000 square feet of office space.

Attorney Mark Vincent presented the application to the board on behalf of Vincent Spiezio, who owns the lot and is the president of VJS Holdings.

Spiezio said a tenant for the warehouse has not been identified, but he said his company typically services Fortune 500 companies.

Engineer Peter Strong, representing the applicant, testified that a 20,000-square-foot electrical services building was previously approved at the site, but was never constructed.

Strong said the proposed warehouse was similar in design to the building that had previously been approved.

When asked by board members about the site’s storm water basin, Strong said the applicant anticipated it would be grandfathered by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and be permitted to rely on previous regulations.

An application to the DEP, which was submitted in February, is still awaiting approval.

Traffic engineer Scott Kennell, representing the applicant, testified that an increase in traffic was possible, but unlikely because the structure would use employees who were already on site at adjacent VJS Holdings properties.

He said there would be 30 parking spaces associated with the new building.

Following the testimony from the applicant’s representatives, the proposed building was approved by the members of the Planning Board.

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