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Princeton drama students create set design for ‘Bethel Park Falls’

The cast of "Bethel Park Falls," which will stream live Nov. 19 and 20 by the Princeton High School Drama Department.
More than 150 Princeton High School (PHS) students from all grades had a hand in creating the production of “Bethel Park Falls.”

Each art and tech crew student had a hand in creating the 145 hexagons on stage. There are 60 wood panels that make up the tree, 50 ceramic tiles are embedded in the rolling hill, 21 painted fabric flowers, and 14 embroidered badges, according to information provided by PHS.

All of these individual pieces were assembled together by the tech crew to make up the “park” for the actors onstage.

“Each hexagon seen represents one person from the PHS community that added something of themselves to make this production unique,” PHS Technical Director Jeff Van Velsor said in the statement. “They are a population of the school that is finally able to be in the same space, creating and sharing ourselves, our talents, our joy, our commonality.”

Over the past two years during the COVID-19 pandemic, PHS artists, technicians, and actors lost their space.
“[E]verything about rehearsing and producing our productions had to change as we worked remotely and reimagined our process,” PHS Drama teacher Julianna Krawiecki said in the statement. “At the end of the day, theater and art are about community: the shared experience and meaningful collaboration. While we are still facing many COVID-19 restrictions, we are overjoyed that we were able to restore much of this process for our students this fall.”
The streamed show will air Nov. 19 and 20 at 7:30 p.m. on ShowShare by Broadway On Demand.
The show is double cast and each evening’s performance features different actors.
Tickets are $5. To purchase tickets and stream the show, visit
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