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Consider Einstein’s view about miracles

Typing Letter to the Editor for the Opinion page.

With all the depressing news stories lately, I thought I would pass on a story I
recently read about that might provide a temporary distraction from all the bad news.

How often do we hear someone say “It’s a miracle!” There certainly isn’t any shortage
of accounts when it comes to the miraculous.

This miraculous story involved two men from Texas who were arguing about the relative
merits of the ointment they had for sale.

One of the men, to demonstrate his ointment was better than any other, cut off a
dog’s tail and applied a little ointment to the stump, and in the presence of the
spectators, a new tail grew out.

But the other man, who also had ointment for sale, took up the piece of the dog’s tail, put a little ointment on its end, and a new dog grew out.

And the last heard of those gentlemen they were quarreling as to who owned the
second dog.

When it comes to miracles, I guess it’s all in the eye of the beholder, however, I have
always liked what Albert Einstein said when asked about miracles: “There are two ways
to look at the world. Either everything is a miracle, or nothing is.”

Borden Applegate

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