Dog attacks rabid skunk in Monroe; skunk then bites pet owner

MONROE – A skunk tested positive for rabies in Monroe in the vicinity of Evergreen Terrace and Astor Place.

This is the eighth rabid animal reported within Middlesex County for 2021 and the first rabid animal in Monroe, according to information provided by the Middlesex County Office of Health Services.

A resident of Monroe’s pet dog attacked a skunk on Nov. 17, according to the statement. When the resident went to grab the dog they slipped and the skunk bit the resident.

The animal was picked up by the animal control officer and was then taken to the New Jersey Department of Health Laboratory for testing. It was reported on Nov. 18 that the animal tested positive for rabies.

The resident’s dog is currently vaccinated for rabies and was instructed to follow up with their veterinarian. The resident was notified to consult with a physician regarding rabies post-exposure treatment, according to the statement.

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