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Lawrence gas station attendant assaulted by driver

A Conoco gasoline station attendant was assaulted and struck in the head with a windshield Squeegee by a customer over a reported dispute about the amount of money owed for refueling her car on Nov. 14, according to the Lawrence Township Police Department.

Two women drove up to the gasoline station on the corner of Brunswick Pike and Texas Avenue in an older red car and purchased gasoline, police said. After the driver paid for the gasoline, the attendant left the fuel pump area and went into the building at the gas station, according to reports.

The driver followed him into the building and claimed she was overcharged for the gasoline, police said. When the attendant told her that she was not overcharged, she walked over to the cash register, opened it and took some cash, according to the allegations. As she walked out of the building, the attendant tried to stop her and retrieve the cash.

That’s when the passenger got out of the car, grabbed the Squeegee and struck the attendant in the head with it, police said. The two women got back into their car and fled south on Brunswick Pike.

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