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Hillsborough native McNicol represents Lasell University at Coterie NYC

Hillsborough High School graduate Julia McNicol attended Coterie NYC this fall as part of Lasell University's student run boutique called Studio1851.

Hillsborough Township resident Julia McNicol got the opportunity to spread her wings in the fashion industry by attending the 2021 Coterie NYC event at the Jacob Javits Center back in September.

As a representative of Lasell University’s student-run boutique, Studio1851, McNicol had the chance to interact with different designers and gain experience in the fashion world at the showcase for premiere apparel in women’s footwear and accessories.

The weekend-long event that hosted over 500 different brands was an experience that McNicol enjoyed, and was one of the reasons she decided to study in the fashion school’s retail and merchandising program at Lasell, based just 10 minutes outside of Boston.

“When I was looking into the school, it was great to see that the program made an effort to go to these big shows in New York City,” McNicol said. “To go to such a big event and gain real life experience in the fashion industry was so much fun. It was a fun weekend.”

McNicol has always had an eye for fashion. She had opportunities to pursue her aspirations while she attended Hillsborough High School.

The 2020 graduate took a Fashion Entrepreneur course and a marketing class in high school to get herself started in her ventures to work in the fashion industry.

She is currently a fashion-media marketing major at Lasell and is minoring in journalism.

Writing or working for a fashion magazine are ventures that McNicol said she is interested in pursuing.

As one of five students from Studio1851 to attend Coterie NYC this fall, McNicol got the chance to meet up with different brands to explore upcoming trends while also sourcing new merchandise for the boutique.

Finding brands that supported minorities, women-owned businesses, small businesses or cause-based companies that are committed to sustainable practices were ideals that members from Studio1851 searched for at the showcase.

McNicol said she spoke with vendors from Prince Peter Collection and ByLilla about accessories and clothes that Studio1851 would be interested in buying to sell in its boutique.

Prince Peter Graphic T-Shirts was an item that interested McNicol for Studio1851.

“It was cool to talk to different vendors that were unique and represented the boutique’s values,” McNicol said.

It was a great experience for McNicol, who looks forward to participating in more of these showcases down the road as she embarks on her journey to work in the fashion industry.

“This event brings in so many people from the fashion industry to show off their products,” McNicol said. “It was really cool to be a part of that.”

For more information on Studio1851, visit www.studio1851lasell.com

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