Pennington Council green lights open space funds for Kunkel Park improvements

When the Pennington Council convened for its December meeting, members of the governing body approved the use of open space fund to replace a handicapped parking area and install playground equipment at Kunkel Park.

Council President Catherine Chandler, Councilman Ken Gross, Councilman Charles Marciante, Councilwoman Beverly Mills and Councilwoman Liz Semple voted “yes” to the resolution measures authorizing the funds at a council meeting on Dec. 6.

There will be $15,660 in funds used to replace and install the handicap parking area, and walkway to the pavilion and playground equipment at Kunkel Park on King George Road in Pennington. Additionally, $7,800 is authorized for use to install playground equipment at the park.

The council authorizing funding from the open space fund allows the municipality to move forward with planned improvements for the local park that is 7.59 acres. The park features a sandbox, existing playground equipment and pavilion with benches and tables.

According to Pennington officials, dead trees from in and around the park will be removed and replaced, the walkway will be removed and replaced, benches and tables are planned for replacement with new outdoor furniture made of recyclable material, an existing rusty swing set will be replaced, in addition to the installation of a new children’s swing set with buckets.

Other improvements planned include a new see-saw, a four-seat spin set, and a new storage shed.

Kunkel Park leads to the access of the Pennington Loop Nature Trail, which is 1.5 miles.

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