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Cranbury School on early dismissal for first week of 2022 due to COVID-19

Students in the Cranbury School District do not have in-person instruction in the afternoon during the week of Jan. 7.

The school district is one of many school districts across the state and country navigating the surge in COVID-19 cases and highly transmissible Omicron variant.

The Cranbury School has made several adjustments to school operations such as reinstituting temperature checks to help mitigate any potential increase in newly confirmed COVID-19 cases following the winter recess.

Starting Jan. 4, students have instruction from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. through Jan. 7.

The early dismissal days allow the Cranbury School to have coverage of staff, transportation and the cafeteria, according to a letter from school district administration.

The early dismissal days also give the administration time to prepare for the serving of lunch in the following weeks.

“Prior to arriving at school, families and staff are asked to review the COVID-19 Daily Self-Checklist. Regardless of vaccination status, please exercise extreme caution when assessing any potential illness or symptoms by keeping your child home,” wrote Susan Genco, superintendent and chief administrator. “Temperature checks will be reinstated for all individuals prior to entering the school building.”

The Cranbury School will return once again to full-day, in-person learning next week starting on Jan. 10.

“Lunch will be served in the auditorium, cafeteria, and library to allow for six feet of separation between students while eating,” Genco added. “Snack breaks (indoors) will be eliminated in the classrooms until further notice. Snack breaks may take place outside (temperature over 40 degrees taking into account windchill and precipitation) with teacher supervision.”

According to the administration, parents are being encouraged to make certain their child or children have a sufficient breakfast prior to attending school each day.

Students have been urged to wear N95 or KN95 masks and the school administration will continue to reinforce properly fitting masks.

According to the state COVID-19 dashboard, as of Jan. 4, Middlesex County has 25,277 new confirmed cases of COVID-19, which is a sharp increase from 15,482 new cases on Dec. 23.

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