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Qazi, DiNuzzo, Milman sworn in to start terms on Marlboro council

MARLBORO – The three Republicans who unseated a trio of Democratic incumbents have been sworn in to begin serving four-year terms on the Marlboro Township Council.

In the November 2021 general election, Republicans Antoinette DiNuzzo, Michael Milman and Juned Qazi defeated incumbent Democrats Jeff Cantor, Scott Metzger and Carol Mazzola.

Cantor served on the council from 2004-21. Mazzola and Metzger each served on the council from 2009-21.

With the victories by Qazi, DiNuzzo and Milman, Republicans now have a 3-2 majority on the council. Democrats Randi Marder and Michael Scalea are the incumbent members of the governing body.

The mayor’s office is held by Democrat Jonathan Hornik.

Marlboro’s government held its 2022 reorganization meeting on Jan. 6 in the municipal building.

Invocations and good wishes for the members of the government and the community were offered by Muhammad Asif of Baytul Iman Academy; Rabbi Moshe Gewirtz of Monmouth Torah Links; and the Rev. Eugene J. Roberts of St. Gabriel Roman Catholic Church.

In front of a packed meeting room, DiNuzzo, Milman and Qazi were sworn in to begin serving terms that will run through Dec. 31, 2025.

Following the swearing in of the new council members, Qazi was elected by all five council members to serve as the council president for 2022. In another unanimous vote, DiNuzzo was elected to serve as the council vice president.

During public comment, Marlboro Republican Chairman John Gibardi congratulated the three incoming council members and recognized the public service of Marder and Scalea.

Regarding the outcome of the 2021 election, Gibardi said, “The people of Marlboro have spoken … they are the ultimate voice. We want to move Marlboro forward for all residents, regardless of their political affiliation.”

In his remarks, Hornik said, “We welcome the three new council members. I wish you nothing but the best of luck. This is the hardest time ever to become a public official … there is a lot going on that is beyond our control.”

The mayor said the most important thing elected officials must do “is to keep people safe” and he added, “I want this council to exceed the last council and the council before that.”

Qazi thanked residents “for putting their faith in our leadership” and said, “We are all elected to serve Marlboro. We cannot do that without Mayor Hornik, Councilman Scalea and Councilwoman Marder.”

Milman said, “I want to thank people for electing our team. You trusted us with taking the challenge and working for positive change. The people feel it is time for a fresh set of eyes.”

DiNuzzo said, “Please pray for us. We intend on doing a very good job with everyone’s help. We are not trying to destroy anything; we are trying to build it up. We are here to learn and to make things better.”

Scalea and Marder welcomed Qazi, Milman and DiNuzzo to the governing body.

The next municipal election in Marlboro will be in 2023.

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