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Opinion: Princeton’s youth and staff members need safe, clean, well-ventilated buildings


The 3,799 students currently attending Princeton’s six public schools deserve the community’s support on Tuesday, Jan. 25. This is the date of the special election to approve the $17.5 million Facilities Stewardship Referendum.

In approving this referendum, Princeton’s citizens will be choosing to fund urgent repairs and replace aging roofs at our public schools. The Board of Education is responding to critical needs by presenting this referendum, and has worked diligently to take advantage of time-sensitive state aid (approximately $7 million) to offset the cost to taxpayers.

Leaky roofs, crumbling masonry, and mold issues must be fixed: these are not luxuries. Few adults would happily endure these problems in their homes or workplaces.

The Board of Education is acting prudently by prioritizing students’ health and well-being, capitalizing on available state aid, and by taking care of the schools’ physical buildings – a $250 million asset – before the damage worsens.

More details about the referendum can be found at www.princetonk12.org/district/referendum-2022

These are challenging times, but please take the time to vote on Jan. 25, either by mail or in person from 1:30-8 p.m. at the four elementary schools.

Princeton’s youth and the staff members who educate them need safe, clean, dry and well-ventilated buildings in which to learn and teach.

Jennifer Jang

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