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Tagliarini, Montone, Martucci begin serving new terms in Aberdeen

ABERDEEN – Three incumbent members of  Aberdeen Township’s government have begun serving new four-year terms.

The municipality held its 2022 reorganization meeting on Jan. 8. Congressman Frank Pallone Jr. (D-NJ) administered the oath of office to Democrats Fred Tagliarini, Margaret Montone and Joseph J. Martucci Sr., all of whom were winners in the November 2021 election.

Tagliarini has begun serving his fourth term as mayor. He was elected in 2009 and began serving his first term in January 2010. Tagliarini’s new term will run through Dec. 31, 2025.

Montone won election in 2009 and joined the Borough Council in January 2010. She is beginning her fourth term as a councilwoman.

Martucci won election in 2013 and joined the Borough Council in January 2014. He is beginning his third term as a councilman.

Democrats hold a 6-0 majority on the Township Council. Montone and Martucci are joined on the council by Greg Cannon, Arthur Hirsch, Concetta Kelley and Robert Swindle.

During regular business, Montone nominated Kelley to serve as council president in 2022 and she was elected to the position in a unanimous vote. Kelley has been a resident of Aberdeen since 1984 and has served in office for more than a decade.

Tagliarini asked Pallone to share his thoughts on the day and the long-time U.S. Congressman whose district includes a portion of Monmouth County said, “I thank you for having me swear in yourself and the council members … I think it’s a testimony to the three of you that, in what was a tough year, you were all re-elected having served several terms. I think it says a lot about what you do in Aberdeen.

“Obviously, all of you work very hard collectively and you are always trying to do your best for the community … I think you are very innovative. You are always looking for new things and new ways of helping people,” Pallone said.

Tagliarini acknowledged the difficulties that have been caused by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and he expressed his gratitude to the residents and guests who were attending the reorganization meeting.

“To come out today under tough times, we greatly appreciate all you have done to get here today to join us … We thank the voters, very much, for returning the three of us and putting us back on this council … We all take our oath very seriously to heart.

“As your local elected officials, we know the role we must play to deliver the services our residents need and want … In closing, let me thank this great council I serve with. All of you are dedicated to this town we live in.

“We feel that service in government is the ultimate responsibility and very rewarding. Our love of Aberdeen, our county, the state of New Jersey and our country, is our driving force. We thank Aberdeen for putting your trust in us and we will continue to work very hard to gain that and surpass that,” Tagliarini said.

In her remarks, Kelley said, “I am very honored to be selected by my fellow council persons to take this position (as council president). I am happy and proud to accept it … I am also proud of the way we have established a town hall as being full of people who are striving to serve the people of Aberdeen.”

In his comments, Martucci said, “I just want to thank the voters for allowing me to continue for a third term. It’s a pleasure to be up here working for the people of Aberdeen and the children of Aberdeen. I am very excited about some of the things we have talked about … I think people are going to be very surprised in the next couple years as to where those things are going.”

In her remarks, Montone said, “I want to start by thanking my husband, who is my absolute biggest supporter … I want to thank the voters for giving me the opportunity to serve them once again. I think this council has made some wonderful, wonderful decisions and wonderful strides to make this a better town to live in with a better quality of life. I hope to continue that in the future as well.”

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