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Brookdale Community College students receive nursing pins

On Dec. 20, 67 nursing students at Brookdale Community College, Lincroft, completed their Associate Degree in Applied Science and received their pins at a nursing pinning ceremony.

The nursing program at Brookdale Community College, which is the county college of Monmouth County, is one of only nine programs in the United States to have its roots in the Cooperative Research Project of Columbia University, which originated the concept of placing nursing education in the community college setting in 1952, according to a press release from the college.

The Brookdale nursing program has been accredited since 1979. Since 2009, the program has twice been named a “Center of Excellence” by the National League for Nursing, in the category Creating an Environment that Promotes Pedagogical Excellence, according to the press release.

“The nursing program is the most rigorous program we offer here at Brookdale Community College,” Brookdale President Dr. David Stout said in addressing the graduates. “You dove into the middle of one of the scariest times and the most dangerous times we have all encountered and you decided you wanted to be on the front lines.

“Thank you for being there to heal us, bring our children into the world, to hold our hands when we finally say goodbye, and for helping to heal our damaged bodies and our broken hearts. Thank you for dedicating your life to making sure all of us live healthier and happier lives,” Stout said.

The Fall Class of 2021 graduates had to overcome the challenges of obtaining their education during the coronavirus pandemic to achieve their dreams and goals, according to the press release.

The nursing pinning ceremony celebrates and honors the graduates on completing their studies and starting their professional careers. It is also an opportunity to express pride and appreciation for the faculty members and staff who worked to ensure the best possible education and who showed a commitment to excellence that had no bounds, according to the press release.

“It is a great privilege to share this tradition of marking your transition from nursing student to a member of the profession,” said Dr. Jayne Edman, dean of the Health Science Institute.

“You showed passion and a willingness to take risks to help others. You demonstrated remarkable adaptability, grace, determination and resilience. You gained the skills and knowledge to step into a heathcare environment that needs you now more than ever,” Edman said.

Instructor of Nursing Tara Rostrom-Lorenz served as the guest speaker. She spoke about great perseverance, compassion and inspiration.

To the audience of family members and friends, she said, “The graduates have worked diligently and have earned their honorable nursing pin; they have demonstrated clinical judgement, advocacy, academic excellence, critical thinking, perseverance, grit and of course compassion.”

To the graduates, she said, “You will change lives and you will impact people every single day in their most vulnerable time, and you will persevere. You are ready.”

Shante Bracy, one of the nursing graduates, was the farewell speaker. To all of the clinical instructors, she said, “Thank you for going above and beyond to advocate for us to have the best clinical experience.”

To her fellow nursing graduates, she said, “Remember you are resilient. It took strength and a lot of flexibility to persevere through this program during uncertain times. You are qualified, you belong and you are more than enough. Take heart wherever you go, because truly, nursing is a work of art.”

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