World War II Army nurse celebrates 100th birthday

Livia (Ferranti) Borkowski serving aboard the SS Argentina in January 1946.



Livia (Ferranti) Borkowski, a longtime resident of Pennington and Lawrenceville, celebrated her 100th birthday in Sterling, Virginia, with her children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, nieces and nephews from across the United States.

Borkowski was born in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, on Jan. 13, 1922, and served as a U.S. Army nurse during World War II. She made seven crossings of the Atlantic Ocean, embarking from the Port of New York to various ports in Europe carrying troops, German POWs, GI brides and American dependents, according to Tom Borkowski.


Livia (Ferranti) Borkowski of Pennington and Lawrenceville celebrated her 100th birthday on Jan. 13.
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