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News Transcript On Campus, University of Delaware

The University of Delaware, Newark, Del., has named the following area residents to the dean’s list for the Fall 2021 semester: Meghan Summonte of Freehold, Alexandra Pisano of Manalapan, Carly Cooper of Marlboro, Hailey Levin of Freehold, Madeline Napolitano of Morganville, Justin Krauss of Freehold, Julia Bellino of Manalapan.

And, Daniel Wein of Marlboro, Sophie Zaidman of Marlboro, Alexa Steensen of Morganville, Jayne Schiff of Freehold, Melissa Brutzman of Manalapan, Landon Goldman of Morganville, Kayla Derby of Freehold, Casey Moran of Marlboro, Anna Guinee of Freehold, Catherine McDermott of Colts Neck, Mollie Patmore of Manalapan.

Also, Carly Daum of Freehold, Julia Bachar of Freehold, Luke Maccariello of Manalapan, Henry Fidlow of Manalapan, Kaitlin Sukhai of Manalapan, Emily Silman of Marlboro, Evan Battaglia of Morganville, Andrew Garcia of Manalapan, Jordan Kaplan of Manalapan, Kayla Mulhern of Freehold.

And, Victoria Ochlan of Freehold, Allison Robbins of Englishtown, Anna Juliano of Freehold, Madison Cleary of Freehold, Daniel Ianelli of Colts Neck, Erin Potter of Freehold, Anthony Giliberti of Marlboro, Samantha Penczak of Colts Neck, Matthew Caputo of Marlboro, Noah Katz of Freehold, Sydney Dictrow of Marlboro.

Also, Marissa Falcone of Manalapan, Jacob Miller of Manalapan, Justin Rowe of Morganville, Mary Amen of Manalapan, Kayla Cirrincione-Tucker of Manalapan, Rebecca Meeks of Freehold, Lindsey Freedman of Morganville, Nichole Crawford of Freehold, Gregory Solla of Freehold.

And, Carly Coulombe of Freehold, Michael Boliver of Marlboro, Connor McSorley of Colts Neck, Sarah Madison of Freehold, Brianna Maniaci of Marlboro, Julia Gordon of Manalapan, Michael Ottone of Freehold, Luke Nestorowicz of Marlboro, Jake Mostowsky of Freehold, Gabriella Cammarata of Manalapan.

Also, Hannah Christopher of Colts Neck, Anthony DiSimone of Morganville, Holley Nitsberg of Marlboro, Hailey Levine of Morganville, Olivia Downs of Morganville, Ava Storz of Manalapan, Owen Tucker of Freehold, Catherine Henderson of Freehold.

And, Brooke Piniak of Morganville, Taylor Milo of Manalapan, Celina Scotti of Morganville, Gabriella Polemeni of Manalapan, Victoria Ann Ho of Manalapan, Sarah Magrini of Manalapan, Jordan Moran of Marlboro, Matthew Holdorf of Freehold, Scott DePope of Colts Neck.

Also, Julia Terlizzi of Colts Neck, Laila Potosky of Manalapan, Taylor Felix of Morganville, Slade Goldman of Morganville, Ava Madoff of Freehold, Lauren Chuk of Morganville, Rachel Falcone of Manalapan, Jillian Nitsberg of Marlboro, Jacob Zaidman of Marlboro.

And, Mackenzie Quinn of Freehold, Joshua Leonetti of Freehold, Alyssa Napolitano of Freehold, Ari Kempner of Englishtown, Christina Delquaglio of Freehold, Isabella Marchetta of Morganville, Emma Zarate of Marlboro.

Also, Ryan Daum of Freehold, Jessica Maury of Morganville, Gabriella Autovino of Morganville, Daniel Aliprandi of Morganville, Amber Ellis of Colts Neck and Serena Bogomolnik of Manalapan.


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