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Millstone Township officials take action to advance affordable housing

MILLSTONE – The Township Committee in Millstone Township has provided support for a planned 98-unit development on Burnt Tavern Road that will assist the municipality in meeting its affordable housing obligation.

On Jan. 19, committee members passed a resolution of need regarding a proposed housing development from the Affordable Housing Alliance (AHA), Neptune. Construction of the development is proposed on 27 Burnt Tavern Road and the project is known as CKV Millstone Woods.

The AHA is a nonprofit corporation that works with municipalities in New Jersey to assist with affordable housing compliance.

Affordable housing is defined as housing that is sold or rented at below market rates to individuals and families whose income meets certain guidelines.

Millstone Township, like other municipalities in the state, is required to provide opportunities for the development of affordable housing within its borders.

Municipal officials purchased 27 Burnt Tavern Road in 2016 as a potential site for affordable housing. The property contains 53 acres and 15 acres may be developed. The remaining land will remain as open space.

At the time the property was purchased, no plan had been drawn up for a residential project at the site and no developer had been selected. Since that time, the AHA has proposed the construction of a 98-unit family housing development at the location.

The AHA has collaborated with Millstone on affordable housing projects in the past, including with the Allen House on Stagecoach Road, which provides 10 affordable housing units for seniors; the Allen House II on Stagecoach Road, which provides 10 affordable housing units for seniors; and the Millstone House Apartments on Burnt Tavern Road, which provides four affordable housing units.

According to the resolution, the AHA is subject to provisions of the New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency Law. As part of the law’s requirements, municipal officials determined there is a need for the project.

The Township Committee, according to the resolution, determined the project proposed by the AHA meets or will meet an existing housing need and all or part of Millstone’s affordable housing obligation.

Through the resolution, the New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency is enabled to process the AHA’s application to receive agency funding to finance the project.

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