Hopewell Township police officers honored with awards of merit

Photo courtesy of Hopewell Township
Hopewell Township police officers are presented with Awards of Merit at the Hopewell Township Municipal Building on Feb. 7.

Police Director Robert Karmazin presented Awards of Merit to officers who performed heroically during recent emergencies.

At the Hopewell Township Committee meeting on Feb. 7, Karmazin also announced a promotion, and one civilian was honored as well.

Detective Mark Panzano was promoted to the rank of sergeant.

For their actions during Tropical Storm Ida in September 2021, Awards of Merit were awarded to Patrol Officers James Hoffman, Robert Voorhees and Michael Makwinski, according to a statement provided by Hopewell Township.

For his quick and lifesaving work during the recent water rescue at Rosedale Lake in Rosedale Park, Patrol Officer George Peterson was presented with an Award of Merit.

William Tunnicliffe, deputy fire chief of Union Fire Company, was recognized with a Civilian Award of Merit for his aid during the water rescue.

Sgt. Louis Vastola and Officers Christopher Collins, Steven Ciosek and Michael Crincoli
were recognized with Awards of Merit by the Pennington Police Department for their
assistance during a motor vehicle stop, which led to the discovery of a loaded handgun that
had been previously used in a crime in another state.

Hopewell Township police officers attend a ceremony for a promotion and merit awards on Feb. 7.
Detective Mark Panzano was promoted to the rank of sergeant on Feb. 7.
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