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Gov. Murphy unveils new property tax relief program

Gov. Phil Murphy has unveiled the ANCHOR Property Tax Relief Program, a new initiative that will distribute $900 million in property tax relief to nearly 1.8 million homeowners and renters across New Jersey during Fiscal Year 2023.

The ANCHOR (Affordable New Jersey Communities for Homeowners and Renters) Property Tax Relief Program is part of Murphy’s FY2023 budget proposal, according to a March 3 press release from Murphy’s office.

Under the program, homeowners making up to $250,000 per year are eligible to receive an average $700 rebate in FY2023 to offset property tax costs, lowering the effective average property tax cost back to 2016 levels for many households that were previously ineligible for property tax relief, according to the press release.

Also, renters making up to $100,000 per year are eligible for a rebate up to $250 to help defray the cost of rent increases due to property taxes.

“This program will provide direct property tax relief to households regardless of whether they own or rent,” Murphy said. “While the state does not set property taxes, we believe we must take action to offset costs and make life in New Jersey more affordable. Through this program, we can provide real support for families and seniors, helping them stay in the homes and communities they love.”

Murphy proposes a three-year ramp up for ANCHOR. By FY2025, property tax rebates provided as part of the program would increase to $1,150 on average per eligible household, with the annual state investment in the program up to $1.5 billion annually, according to the press release.

The ANCHOR program expands on and replaces the Homestead Rebate Program, which serves 470,000 homeowners annually and provides an average benefit of $626, according to the press release.

Renters are not eligible for the current program, but ANCHOR recognizes that rents are often raised to offset rising property taxes. ANCHOR will make nearly four times more New Jerseyans eligible to receive a property tax rebate, when compared with the Homestead Rebate Program, according to the press release.

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