Slackwood School to get new roof

The expansion of the Slackwood School library is underway.

A Bristol, Pennsylvania, contractor has been awarded a $900,000 contract to replace the roof at the Slackwood School on Princeton Pike by Lawrence Township school district officials.

Wespol Construction was one of five bidders for the job, and the second lowest bidder. The company was awarded the contract for the job after the lowest bidder – Stober Wright – withdrew its bid. Stober Wright had bid $693,955 for the job.

The bids ranged from Stober Wright’s low bid of $693,955 to a high bid of $1.5 million submitted by Noble Roofing. D.A. Nolt bid $1 million for the job and USA General Contractors offered a bid of $901,000.

The project calls for removing the existing roof and solar panels, and installing a new metal roof. The solar panels will be reinstalled. New roof gutters and downspouts will be installed, and the cupola will be refurbished.

The work is expected to take place during the summer.