Traffic stops in 2021 in Hopewell Township reflect demographics

Hopewell Township to search for a temporary police director to lead the police department. 

The Hopewell Township Police Department conducted more than 5,000 traffic stops in 2021. According to Police Director Robert Karmazin, 81% of the stops were of White drivers.

“We had a little over 5,000 stops. Fifteen percent that we stopped were Black. Eighty-one percent were White. I think the overall statistics here reflect the demographics here within the community. I think it is very equitable to be honest with you.”

Karmazin briefed members of the Hopewell Township Committee during a presentation on traffic stop data, use force data and data on various crimes such as theft and assault at the Township Committee meeting on March 7.

The end of the year 2021 data specifically stated that 5,058 total traffic stops took place. Of those stops 4,078 or (81%) Were white, 778 or (15%) had been Black, Asian/Pacific Islander accounted for 197 stops or (4%), American Indian accounted for three stops (0%) and unknown was two stops (0%).

Karmazin also spotlighted use of force 2021 end of the year combined data for both Hopewell Township and Hopewell Borough.

“What’s reportable through the guidance from the attorney general’s office there were a total of eight incidents for 2021. Subjects involved was a total of eight and transported for any medical attention whatsoever was one,” he said. “The officers involved that would come under the guidelines of use of force were 15 and just one officer was injured. Most of this is the result of non-compliance. To be honest with you we have been very lucky that the incidents have not been very serious.”

The police department has been providing data on the traffic stops and use of force into 2022. The most available data on the township’s website under the police department is for January.

According to the police department data, 606 traffic stops were conducted in January and 485 stops of the 606 were White, 92 stops (15%) were Black, 29 stops had been Asian/Pacific Islander, zero stops took place that accounted for American Indian and unknown.

The department had one use of force incident in the month of January. Three officers involved and on officer injured. The force level use by officers were compliance holds.

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