Opinion: Mehta continues to ‘spin webs,’ lacking truthfulness

Joyce Mehta

I am sad to see how a deceiver prevailed on March 15. It amazes me how Joyce Mehta’s fan club made the South Brunswick Board of Education special meeting about bullying and racial bias, without any regard to her lack of integrity and truthfulness.

I’ve been a resident in South Brunswick for 30-plus years and my husband for 60. I have never seen anything like this in all my years.

Mehta had created total havoc to the board meetings by her lack of truthfulness. Since then she continues to deflect and convolute the issues at hand as she spun another tale that ran tangent to the questions asked of her. Mehta ceases to own up to her mistakes or answer the questions because she is too busy spinning another web while discrediting Scott Feder the superintendent, and Lisa Rogers a board member, while we in the audience have our heads spinning.

Mehta claims she has a “language issue” and didn’t understand. It is clear to me that is far from the truth because she was busy spinning webs in a language that I totally understood.

In order to have an effective board, we really need to have Joyce Mehta step down.

Elaine Thoden Runyon

South Brunswick

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