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President Biden has many accomplishments in office

Typing Letter to the Editor for the Opinion page.

Thank goodness Joe Biden has been at the helm during this terribly difficult time since he
became our president.

Despite some bad press, he inherited a broken economy with the daily death toll from the global pandemic at an all-time high. Here are just a few examples of what he has done for our country so far:

• Biden signed a $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure package that passed with 13
Republicans who voted with the Democrats in favor of the bill.

This package increases investment in roads and bridges, renovates ports and public transportation, expands broadband access and replaces every lead pipe in the United States, among other initiatives. This bill brings jobs, jobs and more jobs, and it begins to rebuild our long-neglected infrastructure.

• Biden signed a $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package in March 2021 that included up to
$1,400 per person to financially struggling Americans, extended unemployment support
and provided billions of dollars to help schools, colleges and universities reopen.

• Biden put in place a $20 billion vaccination program to fight COVID. While 1% of the U.S.
population was vaccinated when Biden came into office, 74% of Americans – 249 million
Americans – have received at least one vaccine dose.

• Biden expanded access to affordable health care for five million Americans.

• Under Joe Biden, unemployment dropped to 3.9%; under Donald Trump, unemployment was 6.3%.

• 6,000,000 jobs have been created already.

• Jobless claims are the lowest since 1969.

• The United States under Joe Biden is no longer denying science, but is once again a respected global leader in world affairs. We are doing our part to champion the health of our planet.

Biden has earned the respect of our European allies and he is coordinating a measured
response to Vladimir Putin’s aggressive war on Ukraine while avoiding World War III. Best to you, Joe Biden! Thank you for your service.

Margaret S Beekman
Freehold Township

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