Budgets pass in each of South Brunswick’s fire districts

The Board of Fire Commissioners of South Brunswick Township Fire District No. 2, and the members of the Monmouth Junction Volunteer Fire Department, ordered their new tower ladder fire truck, a Pierce Ascendant.


SOUTH BRUNSWICK – The results of the fire district budget votes in South Brunswick have been certified.
For South Brunswick Fire District No. 1, the budget was approved 255 to 109.
Commissioners elected to a three year term are John Hohmeier and Richard Josephson.
The total budget for 2022 is $1,088,050 with the amount to be raised by taxation of $873,750. There is no tax increase for the residents of Fire District 1 in the 2022 budget, said Chris Perez, chief/fire district coordinator of South Brunswick Fire District No. 1.


For Fire District No. 2, the budget passed by a vote of 347 to 136.

Incumbent Commissioners Thomas Kazanski and Thomas Young, Jr. were both re-elected for 3-year terms, according to Scott Smith, fire district coordinator for South Brunswick Township Fire District No. 2 and the Monmouth Junction Volunteer Fire Department.

The proposed budgets of South Brunswick Fire District 3 and Franklin Fire District 4 are combined because the taxing authority extends over two county lines: South Brunswick is in Middlesex County, while Franklin is in Somerset County.

In order to provide the most effective coverage to the citizens living in this area, the two fire districts were formed more than 30 years ago, according to information posted online by South Brunswick District 3.

South Brunswick’s board takes in lead in most areas for ease of control and because 90% of the taxable revenue comes from the South Brunswick taxpayers, while approximately 10% comes from the Franklin residents, according to the statement.

Stephen Manobianco has been elected for the 3-year term as commissioner. Jodi L. Racanati had served three full terms as commissioner.

Alkesh M. Amin has been elected for the unexpired 1-year term as commissioner.

The 2022 proposed budget has passed, according to Agostino Racanati, chairman.

The fire district elections were held Feb. 19.


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