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Jackson zoners approve land subdivision to clear path for eight homes

JACKSON – The members of the Jackson Zoning Board of Adjustment have approved an application that proposed the construction of eight homes on Frank Applegate Road.

Board Chairman Scott Najarian, Vice Chairman Steve Costanzo, Jeanine Fritch, Carl Book Jr., Toniann Comello, Michelle Russell and James Hurley voted “yes” on a motion to grant the application preliminary and final major subdivision approval during a March 16 meeting.

The applicant, County Line Construction Inc., previously received a density variance from the zoning board for its planned development and was seeking preliminary and final major subdivision approval to permit the construction of eight homes in an R-3 residential zone. A ninth lot at the site will be used for storm water management.

Attorney Dante Alfieri and planner/engineer Brian Murphy represented the applicant at the meeting.

Murphy said the property is 11.9 acres and he said the nine total lots will permit the construction of eight homes and one storm water retention basin. The applicant has agreed to provide 1-acre lots.

“To the north are single-family lots, to the south are wetlands, to the west are additional single-family lots and you can see the end of the terminus of Mary Beth Lane. Frank Applegate Road is along our eastern boundary.

“You (board members) may recall initially we had access, we were extending Mary Beth Lane into the project and having a cul de sac internally. That was not received well from the neighbors so we agreed we would come off Frank Applegate Road, which we have,” Murphy said.

“Access is off Frank Applegate Road, which is a county road. We are going through the approval process with Ocean County. … We are providing a sidewalk along the frontage of Frank Applegate Road,” he testified.

Each home in the development will be served by a well and a septic system.

The storm water basin lot will be owned and maintained by a homeowners association.

Each home at the site will be assumed to be a five-bedroom, 3,000-square-foot house with a two-car garage.

The development will not have communal recreational amenities such as a playground or a pool. Murphy said each 1-acre building lot would allow a homeowner enough room to install a playset or a pool if they so desire.

Hurley said, “I am satisfied there is no increase in any negative capacity to the adjoining property owners. I am satisfied there is going to be a homeowners association that is going to be maintaining the retention basin, which means it will be their responsibility.”

Representatives of the applicant will have to return to the zoning board to seek site plan approval before the construction of the eight homes can proceed.

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