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Roof bids awarded for Princeton school district

A Roselle roofing contractor has been awarded a $3.3 million contract to install new roofs at the Littlebrook and Community Park elementary schools, and a portion of the roof at Princeton High School.

The Princeton Public Schools Board of Education awarded the contract to VMG Group at its March 15 meeting. VMG Group was one of five contractors bidding for the job.

VMG Group’s bid was the second lowest of the five bids. The company was awarded the contract after the lowest responsible bidder – Safeway Contracting – withdrew its bid because of a mistake in its bid submission.

The bids for the roofing contract ranged from the high bid of $4.7 million submitted by D.A. Nolt Inc., to Safeway Contracting’s low bid of $3.2 million. VMG Group’s bid was $3.3 million.

The roofing projects are included in the $17.5 million bond referendum approved by Princeton voters in January to replace leaky roofs and outdated HVAC (heating ventilation and air conditioning) units at all of the schools.

Miscellaneous repairs at the Littlebrook, Riverside and Johnson Park elementary schools and Princeton High School also are included in the bond referendum.

Some of the roofs were replaced in 1995 and some were replaced in 2004. The new roofs will be solar-ready, in accord with the focus on sustainability.

Although the contract that was awarded earlier this month addressed the roofs at the two elementary schools and Princeton High, the school board is expected to award future contracts for roofs at the other schools and miscellaneous repairs.

In a school-by-school breakdown, the bond referendum earmarks $1.6 million for roof and HVAC replacements at the Community Park School.

At the Johnson Park School, the bond referendum sets aside $2.6 million for roof and HVAC replacements, plus skylight replacements and repairs to gutters, fascia and siding.

At the Littlebrook School, $2.7 million will be spent on roof and HVAC replacements and siding repairs.

The bond referendum sets aside $794,676 for roof and HVAC replacements and siding repairs at the Riverside School.

Roof and HVAC replacements at the Princeton Middle School are estimated to cost $3.1 million.

At Princeton High School, the bond referendum earmarks $6.4 million for roof and HVAC replacements, masonry repairs to the tower and a slate roof rehabilitation project.



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