Kudrick retires as Howell police chief; Pilecki takes leadership role


HOWELL – Andrew Kudrick has retired from his position as the police chief of the Howell Police Department and Capt. Mark Pilecki will lead the department during a transition to a new chief.

Kudrick announced his retirement in a letter to the community on March 31 and retired as of April 1.

Kudrick was named Howell’s police chief in June 2015. He was promoted to police chief from the rank of captain and succeeded Ronald Carter, who retired. Kudrick holds a master’s degree in public administration and is a certified public manager in New Jersey.

In 2019, Kudrick said he had negotiated what he believed would his final contract to serve as police chief. His contract with the township ran through July 2024.

In his March 31 message, Kudrick wrote, “I am happy to announce effective midnight tonight I am officially retired. I have spent the last 32 years of my life proudly wearing a Howell police uniform.

“For nearly the last seven years, I was honored to be the chief of police of an agency I have held in such high regard since I was a child. Being the chief of police was an absolute honor. It did, however, come with significant responsibilities, challenges and situations.

“From deadly force encounters to managing a public health crisis, it wears heavy after time, especially on one’s family. Although I had to make many tough decisions as a chief, sometimes unpopular, this one wasn’t.

“Last year I announced to my staff my intention to retire this year. It was a decision I have been heavily weighing the last few months. Today, I did not hesitate to accept an offer that was presented to me. Although my love for this job is the same as the first day, it is time to move on,” Kudrick said.

The former police chief addressed residents in his message and wrote, “I thank all of you for the love and support you have shown to me and this department over the years. I thoroughly enjoyed our interactions throughout the community, especially at our events.

“I could not be more proud to have been a Howell police officer. It was my childhood dream. I was so fortunate to work alongside so many outstanding officers and personnel. The friends I have made and the memories will last a lifetime.

“I have the utmost confidence in Capt. Pilecki being in charge of the police department while the transition is made. Although today is my last official day as a police officer, I will be around the police department to assist. As a resident, I certainly will see all of you out in public,” Kudrick said.

Kudrick’s retirement came four months after members of Howell Policeman’s Benevolent Association Local 228 issued a vote of no confidence in his ability to lead, manage or administer the police department.

On Dec. 6, 2021, the members of the union voted 69-2 in favor of a vote of no confidence in Kudrick’s leadership of the police department.

Local 228 is comprised of the Howell Police Department’s duly sworn law enforcement personnel. The police department’s superior officers have their own union and are not represented by Local 228.