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Signs advertising residential development are misleading

I have written the following letter to the members of the Township Committee in Upper Freehold Township.

While driving on Old York Road on the afternoon of April 27, on the same side as the Valero gas station, I saw two signs saying that “coming soon” there will be “460 affordable luxury townhomes and apartments.”

The signs also showed a website which one could access at activeacq.com/residential/upperfreehold

It is imperative that these signs be immediately removed from the property (commonly known as the Stein property) for two reasons.

First, the signs are misleading because they state the 460 townhomes and apartments will be “coming soon.”

However, homes cannot be built on the property because no application for such development has even been filed with Upper Freehold Township.

Second, “coming soon” implies the Zoning Board of Adjustment, the Planning Board or the Township Committee has received and approved an application for a housing development,
without any public notice or hearing of the application.

This assumption is false as again, no request for an application to develop the property has been filed.

The blatantly false and misleading signs are causing anguish among the residents of Upper Freehold Township and Allentown.

It is important that the Township Committee and/or the zoning board and/or the Planning Board, through their attorneys, send a letter to both the property owner and to activeacq.com telling them to cease and desist and to remove the signs within five days.

I have asked township officials to advise me as to the actions they are taking.

Elliot Wiesner
Upper Freehold Township

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