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Opinion: Krista Weaver will lead Hopewell Borough ‘forward’

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I am writing to endorse Krista Weaver for Hopewell Borough Council.

I know Krista through our work together advocating for traffic safety in Hopewell. Like Krista, I am a parent of a young child. We know that choosing to walk or bike when we can leads to stronger bodies, fuller wallets, a healthier environment, and the opportunity to slow down and enjoy all of these benefits.

Hopewell Borough, with its gorgeous parks, incredible restaurants, and charming shops, is the perfect place for this. But unfortunately, Broad Street serves double duty as both the heart of this special community and a county highway full of trucks and hurried commuters. There have been at least 10 crashes involving pedestrians or cyclists in just the last 10 years. We need thoughtful, creative solutions to make Hopewell’s streets safer and more welcoming for vulnerable road users like our children, wheelchair users and pedestrians and cyclists of all ages.

Krista is by far the best candidate to address these issues. She is fearless when it comes to speaking out and taking action. Before I ever met her, I was impressed by the way she would speak up at town council meetings. She always remained courteous, but never shied away from speaking her mind and holding her elected officials accountable.

She’s also a skillful and committed builder of coalitions, working hard to ensure that all voices are heard. Krista has connected our traffic safety group with community leaders like Hopewell Township Police Director Bob Karmazin; experts such as Princeton University’s Director of Transportation and Parking Services Charlie Tennyson; and countless local business owners, parents, and neighbors.

And she helped unite our volunteer traffic safety advocacy group with an official advisory group the borough formed this year that she now chairs.

As a member of the Borough Council, I know Krista will continue to courageously and respectfully challenge her fellow council members while amplifying the voices of her constituents. There is no doubt in my mind that Krista is the right candidate to bring people together and lead the town forward.

Please visit her website, www.weaverforhbcouncil.com, and vote for her in the Democratic primary election on June 7.

Molly Reinero
Hopewell Borough

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