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Hillsborough schools settle lawsuit filed by former student’s family

Hillsborough Township Public Schools Superintendent Lisa Antunes announced at the Hillsborough Board of Education meeting on Sept. 14 that the district is still preparing to begin in-person instruction on Sept. 29. Pictured: Hillsborough High School

The Hillsborough Township Public Schools recently settled a sexual harassment claim that was filed by the family of a former student against another student regarding issues that allegedly occurred during the teenagers’ time at Hillsborough High School.

In 2018, parents who were represented by the legal firm of Costello & Mains, LLC, filed a lawsuit which claimed their daughter was sexually harassed and harassed by a male student. The parents sought compensation from the school district for its alleged inability to protect their daughter and to do better by its students.

According to a report posted online, the matter was settled on March 8 when the school district paid $95,000 which was split evenly by attorney Kevin M. Costello and the young woman’s parents.

When reached by centraljersey.com, Costello said his clients are pleased the case has been settled.

The harassment between the two teenagers is alleged to have occurred in 2016 and 2017. The parents’ lawsuit asserted that school administrators were advised of the harassment at various times.

School district administrators have declined comment out of respect for the privacy of the students and due to confidentiality matters, and because individuals who are currently in leadership positions are not privy to the case.

The young woman’s family eventually moved to a different county in the state.

The lawsuit was settled through the Somerset County Civil Division. Court officials said the case was closed in January and was dismissed with prejudice on April 27.

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