Pennington School students continue excellence in foreign languages

Students at The Pennington School received awards for their performance on the National Latin Exam.

Eighteen Spanish IV Honors students at The Pennington School received recognition for their performance on the National Spanish Exam this year, with 12th graders Hexin Jiang and Christopher Ly earning the Oro prize for their scores in the 95th percentile.

Twelfth-grader Kira O’Neil; and 11th graders Jonah Heimann of Princeton, Garren McCauley and Evin Roldan received the Plata prize.

Isabel Adams, grade 11, from Pennington; Aiden Keith; Yuda Li, grade 11, from Princeton Junction; and Minghao Zhang earned the Bronce prize.

The following students received honorable mentions for their scores: Jonell Adu-Gyamfi, grade 12, from Parlin; Lauren Decker, grade 11, from Princeton; Sung Min Hwang; Noah Kooistra, grade 11, from Lawrenceville; Evan Levy; Gia Villegas, grade 12, from Bordentown; Dailan Xu; and Yiyao Zhu.

Twenty-two students at The Pennington School have earned awards on the 2022 National Latin Exam.

This year the annual exam was administered to over 100,000 students from the United States and 21 other countries.

The exam tests students on Latin grammar, Roman history, Roman mythology, and Roman culture, including the reading of a passage in Latin for comprehension.

Two students received Gold Summa Cum Laude Awards: 12th grader Kurt Kennedy, an AP Latin student; and ninth-grader Caleb Collins, a Latin I student, who lives in Lawrenceville.

Eleven students earned the Silver Maxima Cum Laude Award, including eighth graders Daniel Tracy of Pennington, Ciaran Walsh of Pennington, and Yanxin Wu; ninth graders Dhruv Ramaswamy of Pennington, Lisa Wang, and Dingtong Zou of Princeton; 10th graders Garrett Hardt, Jai Raman of the Monmouth Junction section of South Brunswick, and Yingying Peng; and 11th graders Beatrix Kim of Skillman, and Elena Nechay of Princeton.

The Magna Cum Laude Award was received by ninth graders Layten Hoffman, Deethya Karthikvatsan of Pennington, and Benjamin Pearlberg; as well as 10th grader William Arthur from Princeton; and 11th grader Aurora Hu.

Four students received Cum Laude Awards: ninth grader Ben Gibson; 10th graders Emily Howe of Pennington, and Samantha Lambdin; and 12th grader David Cahn.

The students are currently in Latin classes ranging from Latin I to AP Latin.

Last week, the Pennington School announced that several students received nationally ranked scores on the National German Exam this year, with tenth-grader Maya Meehan-Ritter earning a gold medal; and several more students ranked nationally in the 87th annual Le Grand Concours, the national competition sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of French.

Students at The Pennington School earned recognition for their scores on the National Spanish Exam.
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