Monroe mayor calling for more state property tax relief

Stephen Dalina

MONROE – Mayor Stephen Dalina is calling for more state property tax relief.

The Office of Legislative Services estimates the state will collect more than $6.9 billion in additional revenue than anticipated.

“This is a historic moment, with the state generating a surplus of billions of dollars for one budget year,” Dalina said in a press release on May 27. “It should also be a historic moment, I believe, in which the state uses this cash windfall to provide immediate and substantial property tax relief. I am calling on Gov. Phil Murphy and the state Legislature to use this rare moment in our state’s budget history to do the right thing for the state’s overburdened taxpayers.”

Dalina expressed appreciation for the passage of the Retirement Income Exemption, Senior Freeze and Homestead Rebate programs, as well as increased school funding for the Monroe Township School District.

He said he supports proposed state legislation that provides property tax relief through restoration of Energy Tax Receipts to municipalities, according to the press release.

In addition, the mayor is calling for the immediate implementation of the ANCHOR Property Tax Relief Program, giving an average $700 rebate for homeowners making up to $250,000 per year.

“New Jersey’s governor and legislative leadership need to hear from mayors, who hear directly from taxpayers at town meetings and other events,” Dalina said in the press release. “Our residents have been consistently calling for substantial tax relief to help keep our communities affordable. While it is expected that our state leaders should be fiscally responsible, and understanding this surplus is short-lived, now is the time for state government to give back to the taxpayers the money that is rightfully theirs.”

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