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Cranbury School Board plans to name new chief school administrator

The Cranbury Township Board of Education expects to announce a new Cranbury School chief school administrator at the end of June.

The announcement comes after a months-long process in search for a new chief school administrator (CSA) to replace Susan Genco, who currently holds the position at the pre-K to grade 8 school.

Genco is retiring from the position, which goes into effect on Sept. 1.

“The Board received a number of applications to its position for the CSA and conducted multiple rounds of interviews in the month of May,” said Pramod Chivate, president of the Board of Education. “At this time, the Board is in final stages of the selection process and on track to confirm and announce the CSA by the end of this month.”

Genco is not the only one in leadership, whose retirement goes into effect on Sept. 1. Cranbury School Assistant Principal Michele Waldron is also retiring.

According to the Cranbury School, Genco has served as the school’s CSA for 11 years and Waldron has been with the school for 13 years.

The school board’s primary focus is searching for a new CSA.

Once a new CSA has been hired, he or she will help guide the school board in terms of the next assistant principal, school officials said.

Genco’s letter with Waldron in February kicked off the search process for a new CSA.

Community input forums have been conducted and a community survey to assess the various leadership qualities the community would want in a CSA and principal.

The school board’s Personnel Committee oversees the search with Strategic Educational Advantage, New York, which the board hired to help with the search.

The school board seeks candidates who foster a collaborative, positive climate of mutual trust and respect among all stakeholders, which includes faculty, the school board, parents and students; establish a culture of high expectations for all students and personnel; and possess a sophisticated understanding of teaching and learning and promote the importance of continuous improvement, according to the school board.

Once the new CSA is hired, the months of July and August, are planned for the transition and preparations for the next school year.

In September, the new Cranbury School CSA will kick off the 2022-23 school year, according to the school board’s timeline.

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