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East Brunswick Arts Commission set to reveal ‘Six Feet Apart’ sculpture

EAST BRUNSWICK – A commemorative sculpture representing the “strength of community in response to the pandemic” is set to be revealed at the East Brunswick Community Arts Center.

The East Brunswick Arts Commission (EBAC) will host the sculpture reveal ceremony at 6 p.m. June 16.

Carin Baum, an artist and the creator of “Six Feet Apart,” presented the idea to the EBAC in 2020 and after further discussions and development, the proposal was approved.

“At the end of 2020, I approached the Arts Commission with the idea of two sculptures, installed six feet apart, that would commemorate the strength of our community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Their response was an immediate ‘Yes,’ and after fully developing the concept with the help of East Brunswick Recreation and Parks, it was followed by the approval of the township and Mayor Brad Cohen,” Baum said.

Baum, who also serves as the president of the EBAC, stated that the sculpture embodies the township’s resilient unity in navigating the challenges of COVID.

“The artwork represents all of us. We faced a common enemy and coped in different ways. The two people show both the distance between us and the commonality of our resilience,” Baum said.

Bunny Gittleman, vice president of EBAC, explained that the effectiveness of commemorative artwork in capturing historical moments is evident in how communities often respond to its symbolism and creativity.

“Art enriches all our lives and serves as an outlet to express ourselves both as individuals and as members of a larger community.

β€œIt evokes powerful emotions and promotes understanding between people who might otherwise seem to have little or nothing in common.

“It therefore has the capacity to build bridges and to foster understanding through the telling of our stories and experiences by way of our artistic creations,” Gittleman said.

With a variety of speakers scheduled, a live performance from Kathleen Elle, and an abundance of refreshments available, Baum encouraged everyone to attend the sculpture reveal to enjoy a time of community and reflection.

“The sculpture reveal event should be exciting. We will hear from several speakers about their unique experience making it through the last couple of years. We will have a performance by Kathleen Elle of a beautiful song she wrote about coping during the pandemic.

“After the unveiling, the public will be invited to get a closer look at the sculptures, and then join us inside for refreshments provided by the East Brunswick Arts Coalition, a slide show of the creation process, and more music.

“We will also have an interesting mosaic project that we’ll need everyone’s help to complete. The Community Arts Center is a beautiful place, and we hope you will join us to celebrate its newest addition.” Baum said.

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