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Sayreville BOE honors educational support professionals

SAYREVILLE – Educational support and service professionals in the Sayreville School District have been recognized for their work during the 2021-22 school year.

The staff members were honored during the Board of Education’s May 17 meeting.

The Educational Support Professional (ESP) of the Year at Project Before Preschool is Jacqueline McGrade.

“Ms. Jackie is a master teacher and supports approximately 22 preschool teachers,” Cheesequake Principal April Magistro said. “However, everyone knows that if they need help, Ms. Jackie will be there and let’s face it, we all know that sometimes the grown ups are more demanding than the preschoolers.

“Ms. Jackie does handle it well, though. She has many balls in the air at one time. She is also Project Before’s induction coordinator and takes great pride in ensuring all new staff, which there are a lot of, receive what they need to be successful. When it comes to all things preschool, Ms. Jackie is your girl.”

The Educational Support Professional of the Year at the Harry S. Truman Elementary School is Wendy Cacioli.

“She is a very dedicated speech teacher who has worked in the district for over 15 years,” Truman Principal Amy Stueber said. “Wendy is flexible in her thinking and has a team approach. She is dedicated to her profession and always advocates for what is best practice. She goes above and beyond when it comes to the students learning.

“Wendy is well respected by her peers and colleagues. She creates home partnerships with her students’ families. She is a problem solver and a team player. Her responsibilities do not end at dismissal. She is also involved in many other activities. Her dedication to her students and colleagues is very apparent.”

The Educational Service Professional of the Year at the Woodrow Wilson Elementary School is Jodi Knoll.

“Jodi is our school nurse and who in America wouldn’t honor a school nurse at this particular time in our lives?” Wilson Principal Timothy Byrne said. “For us, for Jodi, it’s very easy.

“At nights, weekends, holidays, Jodi was constant in terms of watching her emails, finding out who was sick, constantly advising in terms of what we needed to do and that was at the expense of her family, her husband, her boys, her greater family. It’s not about the self-affirmation, it’s the giving.”

The Educational Service Professional of the Year at the Sayreville Middle School (SMS) is Lori Kirschbaum.

“Ms. Kirschbaum has a way of making fellow staff members and her students feel appreciated,” SMS Vice Principal Greg Jegou said. “She brings a little sunshine into our building every day. She’s been working with struggling math students in the seventh and eighth grade as an academic support instructor.

“Middle school is a tough time and a lot of kids lose confidence when they don’t have that person to grab them to lure them in, to make them feel like they’re somebody and they have a voice. For Lori, she pushes into math lessons, challenging student groups to excel.”

The Educational Service Professional of the Year at the Sayreville War Memorial High School (SWMHS) is Jennifer Sauter.

“Ms. Sauter is a dedicated and valued member of the special education department,” SWMHS Principal Dale Rubino said. “Ms. Sauter is always up for the challenge and wears a smile on her face every day. She is patient, kind and caring with our students.”

Rubino said Sauter has been instrumental in creating attire for programs.

“Students can be seen wearing her beautiful design aprons when working with the Bomber Brood Jobs program,” he said. “Ms. Sorter even works beyond the school day assisting with our unified sports program. She goes above and beyond each and every day.”

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