Bordentown Township police officer cleared of driver’s death during 2020 incident

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A state Grand Jury decided not to file any criminal charges against a Bordentown Township police officer surrounding the death of a 23-year-old Trenton man after a high-speed chase, according to the state Attorney General’s Office.

Through an investigation, Police Officer Keith Alexander began his pursuit of Keron Roundtree when he observed his vehicle, a Nissan Maxima, abruptly stop in the left lane of Route 206 South in October 2020.

Alexander, who remains a police officer with Bordentown, noticed there was a temporary license plate on the car and suspected it to be fake, according to the AG’s office.

The AG’s office confirmed Alexander’s suspicions. The vehicle Roundtree was driving was also found to be stolen at that time from an apartment complex in Philadelphia.

The officer turned on his emergency headlights to pull over the vehicle at the stop sign. Roundtree led a car chase that was captured by the dash-cam on Alexander’s police vehicle.

The dash-cam footage, which was released last year by the Attorney General’s (AG) office, showed that Roundtree lost control of his vehicle after trying to pass other cars on the shoulder of Route 206 and ended up swerving off the road into the woods.

Alexander and two bystanders helped remove Roundtree and his passenger from the damaged car, according to the AG’s office.


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