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Bellevue Estates housing plan to be heard by Jackson zoners on Aug. 3

JACKSON — An applicant is expected to appear at the Aug. 3 meeting of the Jackson Zoning Board of Adjustment to propose the construction of 48 homes on a Leesville Road property where a maximum of 10 homes are permitted.

According to a legal notice, Bellevue Estates, LLC, 305 Main St., Lakewood, has applied to the zoning board for variance relief in connection with the proposed construction of 48 single-family homes at 443 Leesville Road.

Bellevue Estates, which is represented by attorney Donna Jennings, will seek the following relief:

• Variance approval to increase the permitted density on the property and develop 48 homes on separate lots;

• Variance relief for minimum lot area, minimum lot width, minimum lot frontage, minimum lot depth and maximum building coverage;

• Variance relief for principal building front yard, rear yard and side yard setback;

• Variance relief for private residential swimming pool rear yard and side yard setback;

• Variance relief for shed (garden, storage or tool) rear and side yard setback.

The Bellevue Estates application was listed on the zoning board’s July 20 agenda as the eighth of eight applications to be heard that evening. The meeting began at 7 p.m.

At 10 p.m., as the board members were hearing the seventh application of the evening, Sean Gertner, who is the zoning board’s attorney, asked Jennings to come forward.

Gertner told Jennings that given the time, the board would not be able to hear the Bellevue Estates application that evening.

After some discussion, the application was carried to the board’s Aug. 3 meeting to be held at the municipal building, 95 West Veterans Highway.

Coincidentally, the Jackson Planning Board agenda for July 18 listed applications that are expected to be heard at upcoming meetings of the board.

That agenda indicated two applications for Bellevue Estates, LLC, at 443 Leesville Road, are scheduled to be heard during the board’s Aug. 15 meeting.

One item states the applicant is seeking preliminary and final major subdivision approval to subdivide the property at 443 Leesville Road into four lots.

The second item states the applicant is seeking preliminary and final major site plan approval to construct four private schools at 443 Leesville Road.

Jennings is listed as the attorney for both items.

A final agenda for the Aug. 15 meeting has not been posted on the municipal website at this time.

Prior to hearing the applications on July 20, the members of the zoning board conducted their annual reorganization meeting.

By unanimous vote among the board members, Scott Najarian was re-elected to continue serving as chairman for the next year; Lynne Bradley was elected as vice chairwoman; Carl Book Jr. was re-elected to serve as secretary; and Jeanine Fritch was elected to serve as acting secretary.

Prior to the election of the board’s officers, John Pejoski was seated as a new member of the zoning board.

Najarian, Bradley, Book, Fritch and Pejoski are joined on the zoning board by Steve Costanzo, James Hurley, John Spalthoff and Samara O’Neill.

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