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Bond ordinance will fund capital improvements in Freehold Township

FREEHOLD TOWNSHIP – The Township Committee has appropriated $3.12 million to fund various improvements in Freehold Township.

During a meeting on July 27, committee members adopted a bond ordinance that will authorize the appropriation for capital improvements. The ordinance will authorize the issuance of $2.96 million in bonds or notes to finance part of the appropriation. A down payment of $163,789 will cover the remaining costs.

According to the ordinance, $2.75 million will provide for road improvements, including bituminous concrete overlay for various roads, Burke Road fencing, and underground storage tank remediation.

The remaining $369,396 will provide for recreation improvements, including the repaving of the Stonehurst walkway, the replacement of pavers with concrete at Michael J. Tighe Park, and the replacement of park signs and renovations to the hockey rink at Jackson Mills Park.

In other business, the committee members adopted a bond ordinance that will authorize a $1.36 million appropriation for water and sewer capital improvements. The appropriation will be entirely financed by bonds or notes.

According to the ordinance, improvements will be made to Freehold Township’s water system, including water tower renovations and water main replacements.

And, committee members adopted a bond ordinance that will reappropriate $1.6 million in proceeds of obligations not needed for their original purposes to be used for building improvements, park improvements and the purchase of equipment.

In other action, the committee members authorized the award of a contract to Crest Engineering Associates to provide professional land surveying for the acquisition of certain property interests. The one-year contract is an amount not to exceed $44,000.

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