Hopewell Valley Arts Council’s annual fun run will cover families with color in return to Woolsey Park

Runners, joggers and walkers pass through the first color blast station covering them in blue powder at the Hopewell Valley Color Fun Run & Walk in 2021.

Hopewell Valley residents and families will be covered in an array of colors when the Hopewell Valley Arts Council’s Color Fun Run & Walk returns this year.

The fun run and walk, which is in its second year, will occur from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Sept. 18 at Woolsey Park.

Young children to older adults will run, walk or jog through various color stations along a two-mile course in the park.

Runners and walkers are asked to arrive at 10:30 a.m. or 10:45 a.m. All ages are allowed to [participate], according to the Hopewell Valley (HV) Arts Council.

The Color Fun Run & Walk was inspired by Hindu festival of Holi, according to the HV Arts Council. Holi celebrates the return of spring and symbolizes good triumphing over evil.

In different communities it is celebrated as people gather and throw colored powder and water in the air covering themselves and others around them in different colors.

The first event in 2021 was a huge sucess. The Arts Council sold 100 more tickets than expected.

The walkers and runners in separate group waves – wearing mostly white T-shirts – passed through five color blast stations as volunteers color blasted them with food-grade powdered dye.

The colors, which included blue, orange, pink and green, covered the adults and children head to toe.

A dance celebration greeted those who finished the inaugural race with a performance by The Pennington Studio for Dance.

Participants also enjoyed a selfie area, a place to blow off the powder with a leaf blower, and Italian ice desserts.

Children and adults were given open-colored packets and they threw them in the air to cap off the day event.

To sign up for the HV Arts Council Color Fun Run & Walk and find out more information, visit www.hvartscouncil.org. 

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