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School board invites community to join new Cranbury School subscriber list

The Cranbury School is inviting residents from throughout the community to subscribe to a new district communications tool designed to increase community engagement through updates about district events and operations.

“We are excited to launch a new way to connect with every part of this wonderful community,” said Lindsay McDowell, who chairs the Cranbury Township Board of Education’s (BOE) Community Engagement Committee.

To subscribe, users can visit the school website at www.cranburyschool.org and look for the subscribe feature at the top of the page.

“We already know how to reach the families within our school, and this new subscriber feature will allow us to engage with all residents, alumni, former parents of Cranbury and anyone else who would like to know more about our events, operations and our visions for the future,” McDowell said.

Users can customize the type of information in which they are interested and manage their own contact account at any time to update information or unsubscribe if they wish, according to the release.

The district intends to share information about upcoming events like plays, concerts, art shows or other events that may be of interest to the community, as well as opportunities to use the district facilities for community meeting and events.

Notices will also feature information about the district budget and operations and updates about key district projects, such as the investments approved by a recent referendum to create robust educational experiences in science, technology, engineering, math and the arts.

The Community Engagement Committee, which is comprised of BOE members and a cross-section of township residents, has been developing ways to connect with people outside of the current parent/guardian audience.

Working with Chief School Administrator Susan Genco and her staff, the board developed this Cranbury School Subscriber List to maintain a way to provide direct communication, according to the release.

“Our school is the heart of the community, and we are eager to share news, information and invitations to events to keep us connected,” McDowell said.

“Through surveys and feedback and our own personal experiences, we know that there are many people who want to know more about our events, initiatives and operations, and we are looking forward to being able to connect with them directly.”

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