Hopewell Township creates new committee aimed at attracting new businesses, tourism


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A new advisory committee has been established in Hopewell Township that will examine ways to attract new businesses, support existing businesses and increase tourism.

Hopewell Township Committee members unanimously voted to approve establishing the Hopewell Township Tourism and Economic Development Advisory Committee on Sept. 19.

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“Back in 2019, there was a resolution that established the Hopewell Township Tourism and Economic Development Advisory Committee. Specifically, what this resolution does is update some of the dates associated with that 2019 resolution as we are going to be in this post-COVID-19 environment,” Committeeman David Chait said.

He noted that the 2022 resolution amends the previous resolution regarding the makeup of the committee, which now allows for two Committee members to be on the Tourism and Economic Development Advisory Committee.

This committee is designed to provide a report semi-annually to the Committee with recommendations on how to attract new businesses through marketing and networking, supporting existing businesses and promoting tourism.

“We have a very rich history here in Hopewell. We have a fantastic environment for business that exist,” Chait said. “There is a really great opportunity for this committee to help show the world all of this and help grow and develop our economic environment.”

The Hopewell Township Tourism and Economic Development Advisory Committee is expected to deliver to the Committee its first report on April 13, 2023.

“I think we have always wanted to promote local, buy local, and support local. This is the next down payment towards that end,” Committeeman Kevin Kuchinski said. “What we want to do is invite business leaders in our community to help us promote tourism.”

The new advisory committee will consist of eight voting members and two alternates.

According to the resolution, one or two Committee members can be full members on the advisory committee.

Four members and two alternates are to be reappointed after one year. The four other members will be reappointed after two years.

Township officials seek members, who are 21 years old and up, have been a resident in Hopewell Valley for a year prior to their appointment to the committee or have a business or tourism related interest in Hopewell Township, Hopewell Borough and Pennington.

A majority of committee members are expected to be Hopewell Township residents, but the advisory committee will not be closed off to business leaders or leaders in Pennington or Hopewell Borough, who wish to be a part of the new committee.

Hopewell Township is encouraging cooperation with Hopewell Borough and Pennington to promote economic development and promote tourism across Hopewell Valley, according to the resolution.

Appointed members to the new advisory committee are Committee members Chait and Kuchinski, who will hold two-year terms. Other members include John Goeke (two-year term), Kevin Ryan (one-year term), and Ruth Powell (one-year term).

Two (two-year terms) remain vacant, along with a one-year term for the eight voting members on the committee as of Sept. 19.


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